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A Call

Postby Purple_Diamond » 2017.02.17 06:21:10

[These posters would find their way... everywhere. As if one is present, ten more are found shortly after. From the dark shadows of North, Old Town, to tacked to the Bulletin Board in the Spire.]

A call for the tense.
A call for the vulnerable.
A call for the weak.
A call for the addicted.
A call for the emotional.

It's regrettable to me, that an individual would often dismiss, or even mistrust, that which is different. A tragedy.
Lack of familiarity with the idea of monasticism keeps the average being from forming a relationship with one, thus extravagantly enriching a life.

It keeps wary beings from coming into contact with the spiritual disciplines practiced by us.

It is my purpose to correct this distortion.

The principal calling of Singularism is Self-Sustainability.
To grow, to strengthen, to sustain.
Surrendering lesser desires of the ego so that Self-Sustainability becomes the all-consuming reality of existence, until final liberation in spirit is achieved.


Singularist Elitole
Found in the Grinning Goat
A voice in the wind, or a letter on a door,
words will be heard and responded to
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