[Cassian's Study of Old Town's Architecture]

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[Cassian's Study of Old Town's Architecture]

Postby OldTownMage » 2017.03.20 00:09:18

Cassian Caedes, a local Old Town Mage of little repute, nonchalantly begins probing around the library for any literature pertaining to the history of Old Town and it's inception. In this search, he specifically is looking into the architecture of Old Town, above and below. Maps, blueprints, any sort of early documentation, etc. He would also be searching for any specific structural points that have been bolstered with magic and that may be active or inactive, if magic was directly used to assist in the building at all, and possible geology of the earth and what specific techniques were used to alter the land to make it suitable to building on. If asked why, he would reply that he is looking into bolstering Old Town's security, as he is a resident of Old Town. The reply would be short, and the greasy haired, scruffy mage would continue on with his sifting through tomes and books.

//Merely a guide post for my character's initial direction. Cassian will also actively be studying Old Town outside of his visits to the library. Feel free, DM's, to post a reply if you feel up to it though! Thanks.
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