Clan Axebeard - let's do some dwarven errantry

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Clan Axebeard - let's do some dwarven errantry

Postby EdinSumar » 2017.03.20 02:59:46

What's this all about?

Many have have fallen
Our Deep Realm remembers
Carven runes remind us
And awake hidden embers

A Call to the Gold Dwarves

The Young Heir and his Arausamman

My app for dwarven nobility was recently approved, and with its approval I'm looking for some people who might be interested in playing part of a retinue -- the Arausamman (or Great Friends) of the young Ghorin Axebeard, son and presumed heir of the Axebeard Clan. Ghorin is as tempestous and glory-seeking as any red-blooded, bronze-skinned Gold Dwarf of noble blood would be, and he has accrued friends who share his zest for life and youthful enthusiasm -- dwarven youth of high standing.

Dwarven nobility does not work the same way as human nobility does, but consider Arausamman something like Retainers for lack of a better word -- though more personal. Childhood friends, blood-brothers, and age-old compatriots. Titles such as Bannerman or Retainer are unneeded, every Clan member is already honoured. Yet obviously some Clan members are held in higher esteem than others. Dear friends will certainly be needed, for Ghorin has much to prove due to his circumstances.

Gold Dwarves, not Shield Dwarves


Skalds and scholars, the Axebeards are new to Thunderholme and Arabel. They came to Queen Brita Thunderhammer's call for battle against the Sibilant Shade, having proved their worth in battle and lore, the Gold Dwarves have been welcomed to the Dwarven Embassy and Thunderholme.

Clan status: The newest addition to the clans of Thunderholme, struggling to find their place among the clans of Thunderholme.

The Axebeard Clan, unlike most of the Clans of Thunderholme, consists principally of Gold Dwarves who offered to fight on behalf of the Queen in the battle against the Sibilant Shade. When the dwarves were victorius, the wandering Gold Dwarves were given the Axebeard name and are now looking for a place of their own in Thunderholme.

Gold Dwarves are considered proud -- almost arrogant -- by even their Shield Dwarf cousins. While the Shield Dwarves in the north have faced many hardships and seen many holds be overrun, the Gold Dwarves of the south had largely been succesful in repelling attacks upon their empire - the Deep Realm. This has led them to believe that Gold Dwarf society and way of life is obviously superior to most others -- after all, their ancient empire still stands.

A Matter of Blood, a Matter of Deeds

"While shield dwarves are still incredibly proud of their bloodlines, individual accomplishments now count for more than longstanding tradition of the dictates of class elders."
- Shield Dwarf Subrace Description

"From birth, gold dwarves are taught to conform to the traditional strictures of their society. Every important decision, from choice of profession to their mate, is dictated by the circumstances of their birth."
- Gold Dwarf Subrace Description

Since so many Shield Dwarves have died and so many holds have fallen, they've moved somewhat beyond the idea of aristocracy and have embraced a more meritocratic form of government. Lairds must prove their worth before they become Lairds, and often a Clan Elder is no longer strictly the oldest, but is chosen on account of other attributes. Gold Dwarves have not had it quite as rough, which means that in their society, blood still counts for a whole lot. If you were born to be a warrior, there is a huge stigma associated with shirking that responsibility.

And some are born to rule. But yet the Gold Dwarves of the Axebeard exist in a Shield Dwarf society, which calls for deeds rather than blood. This presents something of a hurdle for members of the Axebeard Clan, who are quite traditionalist and proud of their Gold Dwarven ways. The rest of Thunderholme might even view them as somewhat backwards and conservative, but clearly the Gold Dwarves of the Deep Realm are doing something right, right? It falls upon the presumed heir -- Ghorin -- to prove that his bloodline by its nature is a catalyst for great deeds.

So what can I play?

Think of this as the tight-knit group of friends of a young Lord who strives to show that he is worthy of his future title -- except the young Lord and his retinue are all dwarves likewise striving to prove that the old ways and traditions of the Gold Dwarves are still viable in the more meritocratic world of their Shield Dwarf cousins. Anything from a childhood friend to an old and grizzled combat instructor will do as a concept, and almost any concept (with the exception of close family) is totally app-free. This is a new Clan, and new songs must be written, new runes carved.

We'll be hunting orcs, reclaiming ancient treasures of the dwarven people, proving our worth, and generally being a rambunctious bunch of young Gold Dwarven adventurers.

  • Dwarf Only -- preferably Gold Dwarf, although the occasional Shield Dwarf is alright as long as they've adopted Gold Dwarf ways and the Axebeard Clan name.
  • Any Class -- Though Druid might be harder to justify than most other Classes. Ghorin himself is a Bard, as is fitting for an heir to a Clan of Skalds and scholars.
  • Non-Evil -- Preferably LN, LG, NG, or even CG. While dwarves are often a Lawful bunch, these particular dwarves count a few hot-blooded youngbloods among them.
  • Axebeard -- You'll be of the Axebeard Clan, which means that you'll have certain legal privileges. It also means that you'll probably display some of the Axebeard characteristics:
    - Great respect for the lore and history of the dwarven people
    - A desire to prove yourself and the superiority of your culture
    - An over-eager sense of pride and accomplisment in all things

Consider it. I'm still being set up, and the character likely won't be very active until after the 26th. Feel free to send me a PM or join #Axebeard on IRC if you want to discuss ideas. I've commissioned an Axebeard sigil and I hope to know the colours of the House very soon (although I've been told it's likely that one of the colours is dark sangria or red). I'll share more details once I have them. I'm looking for maybe 3-5 people at most.
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Re: Clan Axebeard - let's do some dwarven errantry

Postby EdinSumar » 2017.03.30 11:16:32

So I'm finally home from Poland and I'm getting more active on this character. Already have MrGeek joining me as his lovely PalaDorf, Navri Forgeguard, one the Lairdling's childhood friends.

We've got the dyes, they are as follows:

L1: Dark Gondola
L2: Dark Gondola
C1: Gondola
C2: Dark Gondola
M1: Muted Orange
M2: Muted Orange

And we've got a sigil for Clan Axebeard, looks like this:


We're still looking for maybe one or two more to join in. So if you want to be a Gold Dorf (which, again, is scientifically proven to be Best Dorf) send me a PM or take a gander at #Axebeard on IRC.

Sons and daugthers of Moradin assemble!
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