Calahan Guild, recruiting

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Calahan Guild, recruiting

Postby Chips » 2017.05.19 21:16:05

[This bulletin Notice is written in fancy calligraphy and put up in the main market places and Inn's of Old town, North District and the Citadel]

The Calahan Guild is a mercantile and mercenary company with the primary policy of Noblesse Oblige.
It is the duty of those in good fortune and prosperity to look after the good prosperity of those without. It is the Calahan Guild's primary motive to acquire as much good fortune and prosperity as able, in order to come to aid to the good people of Cormyr.

Be you of high or low standing, seeking wealth, glory, heroics or furthering your trade and craft, the Calahan Guild has something to offer.
Coin and training in strategy, tactics, combat as well as craftsmanship will be provided to members desiring it. But more importantly opportunities to accrue fame, heroic deeds and improve the kingdom of Cormyr.

Should you be interested in joining us, or hiring us. Please send word at the Grinning Goat.

Glory to the kingdom of Cormyr and it's people!

~Joan Calahan
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