Quadroon Elves and Orcs

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Quadroon Elves and Orcs

Postby Thune » 2017.04.19 06:53:53

Where a person is one-quarter elven or orcish blood (1 human and 1 half-something parent)

How is this portrayed in CoA? Human with orcish features?
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Re: Quadroon Elves and Orcs

Postby Puffy » 2017.04.19 10:52:39

From what I know, we do not have "quarter" people nor do we support the concept.
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Re: Quadroon Elves and Orcs

Postby SpiffyHas » 2017.04.19 23:21:05

Won't ever be represented in game.

Don't bother worrying about it.
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