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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby AronFF » 2017.04.17 18:15:31

oh, was that you? :)
Thanks! Was fun. Especially how you treated women and how it irked the half-elven. ;)
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby Vagabond3103 » 2017.04.19 09:36:19

A tip of the hat to Thurgrim for all of his interactions with Sammie. Confiscating evil knick-knack after knick-knack is the type of stuff that makes this character fun.
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby SlushieConspiracy » 2017.04.21 02:06:04

A tip to Fearsome's Tempan warrior for a really fun chat about faith and settling prejudices. It's been interesting!
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby sharkinajar » 2017.04.25 04:56:32

A shoutout to RJ and Ethika. Today was a blast, I'm sure there will be many more!
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby Ethika » 2017.04.30 06:35:57

Shout out to Niba, Tancred and Elefson for the fun tonight. Thanks guys
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby Orin1234 » 2017.05.01 03:33:04

More people should come visit us in the Cells. :) Actually, it was fun to interact with you again Ethika. Good job on a bad orc blood.
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby Mortui » 2017.05.06 09:19:43

Absolute and UTTER praise to Mandrake (as Valerian Constantin) for the RP, and for rolling with the punches. Brilliant, kudos, and thank you for being so nice about it.
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby SlushieConspiracy » 2017.05.06 16:46:17

Seconding the praise for Mandrake for a really interesting (and poignant) discussion today. I look forward to seeing what comes of his character, he's definitely one to watch!
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby RedGallant » 2017.05.10 16:46:39

Tip of the hat to the player of the gnome, Bimble.

The sheer relish with which this character covets gems makes me feel good giving them to him.
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby Tickandtock » 2017.05.11 00:08:21

Thanks, Tip of the hat to Missus Copper as Bimble would say. For the long and interesting RP.

This is only the beginning for Bimble more to come :).
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby ISnortMythalite » 2017.05.12 01:28:42

Sithspawn's Nathan Hunter, for being a wily and cunning character. The players willingness to not overlook details does not go unnoticed!
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby SithSpawn » 2017.05.12 01:36:04

*writes down the Tip of the hat in his journal* I'll remember that.
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby Fearmoho12 » 2017.05.16 01:01:03

Thanks to all of those people included in the Old Town pvp today, especially Hope, Joseph Falconer and Philip Randles for being some awesome hostages.
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby JoeKickAss » 2017.05.16 01:31:04

Thanks to cousin Suktu, all the players in the troublemakers, and all the players in the militia group and everyone who was involved today. This was my first proper plot event that I have taken part on the server! Shout out to Tancred (who almost had my ass if it wasn't for Shylocks!!!), Philip Randles and Joseph Falconer. DMs were top class.
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby Caliber » 2017.05.16 06:46:55

I want to hat-tip to Mortui for being the sort of criminal I enjoy conflicting with.
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