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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby AronFF » 2017.04.17 18:15:31

oh, was that you? :)
Thanks! Was fun. Especially how you treated women and how it irked the half-elven. ;)
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby Vagabond3103 » 2017.04.19 09:36:19

A tip of the hat to Thurgrim for all of his interactions with Sammie. Confiscating evil knick-knack after knick-knack is the type of stuff that makes this character fun.
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Re: Tip of the Hat

Postby SlushieConspiracy » 2017.04.21 02:06:04

A tip to Fearsome's Tempan warrior for a really fun chat about faith and settling prejudices. It's been interesting!
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