Out of Game / Leaving Thread

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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby Arkham Warlock » 2017.05.03 19:00:56

O'louth wrote:Did our entire DM team just leave... ?

I'm attempting to haul ass on a paper that's due so that I can be available more starting next Tuesday to compensate.

But, as DK said, finals. We have a very large college-aged user base!
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby Well Known Ghost » 2017.05.05 00:10:28

I'll be out of game with limited forum access until Monday.
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby Ethika » 2017.05.05 20:19:35

Having trouble with my laptop again, will be out of game until I can fix it. Could be later today or as late as next week.
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby Thune » 2017.05.08 09:21:11

Some of you might have noticed I've only logged in 5 times in the past two weeks. I've got alot of assignments due that is taking up time. I'm still playing, but its mostly forum warrioring
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby TheBlackSheep » 2017.05.08 16:51:50

TheBlackSheep wrote:
TheBlackSheep wrote:Hey peeps!

Just like you to know my playtime is being drastically reduced by RL atm. You may or may not have noticed by now, but I've only got two or three days with two to three hours of playtime a week atm. And thats going to be reduced to something even less with upcoming matriculations.

That being said, I try to be online whenever possible. I'm still having amazing fun, and in no way am abandoning my thieving scumbag, nor you- my unfortunate victims!

It's just RL getting in the way. I'll have more playtime closer to June again :)


I am entering a Black hole of inactivity now, where I wont be playing for the next 20 days due to reasons stated above.

Hi peeps!

I R Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby Notsoslimshady » 2017.05.10 21:51:39

out of game while i figure out what I want to play next, could be a day, could be a week.

If you have something in mind you think id like send me a pm. :)
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby Fearsome » 2017.05.13 06:14:22

I think this game isn't for me.

I don't like Pvp, I don't play at times where there's enough people online, and I have trouble with 'continuing' a story when your character dies more than once. In P&P, if a character of mine dies, we don't raise him continuously, I make another character. It makes no sense to me, so I'll probably try some other games for now. Perhaps I'll come back sometimes, I don't know.

I had a lot of fun with you guys, when things were going good. Some of you whom I've come to know more than others, you're awesome.

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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby AronFF » 2017.05.13 06:27:30

Sad to see you go.
Your roleplay was correct and fresh, from the small details I have seen.
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby SlushieConspiracy » 2017.05.13 12:58:33

*hugs Fearsome* I knew this was coming... I hope to catch you on IRC or something, if only to say goodbye. Take care and it was great playing with you <3
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby cadiz_stoker » 2017.05.13 19:41:59

i understand your comparison to pen and paper, but NWN offers something that cant be done face to face and it is in that realm that it does excel.

i hope to see you back again sometime!
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby O'louth » 2017.05.14 12:56:13

Gonna use the "finals" break we are having, to grab a few days away from CoA as well. Ill still answer PMs and what not.
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby Swifty Willownall » 2017.05.16 08:00:18

If you can not say something nice do not post.

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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby ISnortMythalite » 2017.05.16 16:37:05

Will be cutting down play time substantially. Life getting busy and I have little time for cos in the next two months. However those who need me for specific plots That I have yet to conclude can pm me event times so I can see if I can make it.
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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby TheFinalStanza » 2017.05.19 22:15:32

I'd say what I really think but it'd get edited.

Some of it's frustration, some of it is irritation and some of it is wishing this place lived up to the potential it has on paper. Maybe in another 3 months.

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Re: Out of Game / Leaving Thread

Postby onimisho » 2017.05.19 22:41:17

TheFinalStanza wrote:I'd say what I really think but it'd get edited.

Some of it's frustration, some of it is irritation and some of it is wishing this place lived up to the potential it has on paper. Maybe in another 3 months.


I wanted to let you know That I had fun role playing with you, out of combat and in combat. To have someone like you around where I can laugh and joke, and tease, and even flirt a little was nice and took the edge off some of the difficult things on the server. I do wish to see you return to the server but it's your choice and I hope you have fun in any game you are playing.
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